Frye range Automatic Industrial Fryer

The Tecnofryer FRYE range provides a continuous frying which is perfect for different types of food products as:

Pre-cooked: Fries, croquettes, nuggets, etc.

Pastry products: Doughnuts, cakes, friedcakes, pancakes, etc.

Dried fruit and nuts: Peanuts, almonds, cashew, etc.

Pasta cooking.


With TECNOFRYER Deep fryers we manage to fry at a lower and constant temperature achieving a healthier frying.

With the oil filtering system with pump and tank we achieve a better performance with more durable and higher quality oil.

Tecnofryer´s continuous automated process works with optimal performance, providing better safety for operators by reducing occupational accidents.

All its components can be washed as they are removable.

A model of continuous frying production for every need.

From 150 to 350 litres.


Exclusive features offered by TECNOFRYER:

- They are entirily built in AISI stainless steel

- Stainless Steel heaters.

- Non-skid wheels

- Security system that prevents overflowing

- Adjustable speed shifter

- Removable conveyor belts

- Safety thermostat

La freidora industrial automática de la gama frye están especialmente diseñadas para producciones medias de producto de gran consumo.


- Flexibility

- Exclusive and customized design

- Addition of modules to serial machines with cost savings.

- Reduced maintenance and cleaning time.

- Energy cost saving

- Long service life of frying oil.

- Exact frying level control

- Self-cleaning, emptying and filling automatic system

- Electronic management temperature with modulating valves.

Automatic industrial fryer FRYE Range