tec range continuous fryer

TECNOFRYER TEC fryers are specially designed starting from the submerged ex change heater to extend the oil life or the frying fat.

They guarantee a much lower exchange temperature than electrical or gas systems.

The continuous fryer of the TEC range are specially designed for large productions of consumer products. Total extraction of the tank.

Completed and operational installation of a TEC Range Continuous Fryer


TECNOFRYER TEC fryers are designed with different conveyor system for each type of product and according to the requirements of each customer. We manufacture for food sectors such as meat, fish, snacks, sweets, pre-cooked and even pet food.

The speed and heat exchange surface avoid continuous cooling/heating intervals of the oil, this will guarantee us an optimum frying uniformity extending the oil service life.

They are also managed electronically and prepared to be included in production lines.


Thermal oil exchanger submerged in the frying pan/tub:

- Minimizes the difference temeperature between heat source and required frying temperature.

- Increases the speed of response and temperatura regulation.

- Keeps the frying oil as static as possible.

- Minimizes the movement of the frying oil/fat inside the fryer during the frying process.

Fume extraction Hood with fat separation filters, high efficiency turbine and glazed permiter closure:

- Facilitates the extraction of fumes and steam, preventing the relapse of condensation in the frying oil.

- The production can be viewed during the process.

- High efficiency of steam or fume extraction to avoid condensation and the fall back onto the oil,reducing oxidation.

- Separate and condense the oil in suspensión to avoid odors

- Efficient and silent extraction hood with panels, stainless Steel filters and suction

La freidora continua de la gama Tec están especialmente diseñadas para grandes producciones  de producto de gran consumo.

Frying pan/tub completely removable:

- Facilitates and speeds up the cleaning work and maintenace of the fryer.

- Allows the elimination of waste as solids.

- Use the same frying pan as an oil decantation filter.

The continuous fryer of the Tec range are specially designed for large productions of consumer products.

Continuous elimination of waste that is deposited at the bottom of the machine:

- Using a conveyor that scrapes the bottom of the tank to pus hit throguh a cochlea screw. Precision in frying level control.

Types of conveyor:

- Frying by flotation process, with one or more turners.

- Frying by immersion process, with pushers, no upper belt

- Frying by immersion with double belt