Success story of the TEC range continuous fryer, custom projects.

In 2019 one of our major projects began for a leading Saloon company in Russia. The project is a custom development of the TEC Range Deep Fryer with thermal oil, for a production of 20,000 Seals per hour.

We show the different phases, assembly, logistics and it is already in production.


  • Flexibility
  • Exclusive and custom desin
  • Adding standard machines with cost reduction
  • Shorter maintenance and cleaning times
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Longer shelf life of frying oil
  • Exact control of frying level
  • Automatic filling, emptying and self-cleaning system
  • Electronic temperature management with modulating valves

Continuous innovation takes the form of functional improvements, such as:

– The constant removal of residues from the bottom of the machine during the frying phase.

– Minimizing the thermal drop between the heat source and the required frying temperature thanks to the diathermic oil exchanger immersed in the frying pan. This increases the response speed and temperature regulation and keeps the frying oil as static as possible.

-The fume extraction hood is equipped with grease separation filters and a high-efficiency turbine that make it possible to easily eliminate fumes, vapors and prevent condensation from falling back into the frying oil, preventing odors from occurring.

– The perimeter glass closure allows to visually inspect the production and monitor it constantly.

– The frying pan is completely removable, which makes cleaning and maintaining the machine quick and easy.

This is one of our biggest projects already in production. One more success of Tecnofryer that drivers us to continue developing projects at the highest level. 

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