Are we ready for the new times?

A global pandemic has been generated by COVID-19 and as a consequence, a big crisis that has not been  experienced since Second World War.

The economy has been paralyzed, the production model resulting from globalization has been questioned. International organisations and goverments have been tested by the pandemic but above all, the public health system which is fundamental in this crisis.

It will be necessary to analyze the model of health public system, recently stripped by cuts of all kinds in European countries and also in our country, a health system to which we all look today with the hopes that they respond to the fears and uncertainties of a society in shock before a pandemic that could have come out of the pages of any science fiction novel.

For this reason, the way out of this crisis should help us to understand that health system is fundamental, so resorurces must be always aimed at strenghening  of a system that is facing to COVID-19, no one knows what dangers may arise in the future.

The door is open to a new configuration of the world order where technology and countries are going to play a very important role.

What we do not know is how this new system is going to be.

What we know is that everything has changed and we are aware of that.

Are we ready for the new times?

 The industry must be adapted to this new situation and create new strategies with new technologies.

In Tecnofryer we are proud of being part of one of the most important sector.

The sector that produces a great impact on the economy, on people. Food.

As manufacturers of food machinery we are in all continents.

We are ready for the new times.

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