388,000 Million

33% of Spanish GDP depends on the food sector.

This, which is only a piece of information with a couple of numbers, indicates that the food sector is one of the biggest engines in a country.

A sector capable of influencing the economy, industry, the environment, the health of society, people, you.

That is why the sector is increasingly more and more competitive. The good news about this is that we are in it.

Tecnofryer has been adding value to the food industry for more than 25 years and since 2018 we are members of one of the biggest groups in the food machinery manufacturing sector, TP Food Group.

So who are we? As a TP group it is the synthesis of the group’s promise, Total Processing.
We develop food processing that is complete because it is the result of the integration of specializations and technologies, because it is carried out with machinery and lines appropriate for each phase of food and oven product preparation, at an industrial and semi-artisan level.

6 leading companies in the sector have decided to combine our specific skills in food processing to offer even more complete, transversal and integrated solutions.
In this way TP Food Group was created offering flexibility, innovative drive, efficiency and the goal: to listen to the customer to offer more efficient solutions capable of adapting to any requirement.
In addition to reliability and competition, there is international support that guarantees the protection of the main markets worldwide.
The best and tailor-made integrated solution.
The first phase of each project we start by listening to and understanding any requirement for space, shape and type of process to guarantee the best possible solution.

A relationship based on meeting and brainstorming that begins in the design phase and ends with the construction of the system is essential. With the result that no line will be the same as another.
Better because it is tailored and therefore created specifically for the project and the objectives that each client sets.
Better because it is developed with flexibility, reliability and innovation.

We design production lines where others are not capable of doing it.

The Group invests 10 percent of turnover in research and development.

For us, technology comes first with materials; We look for the most innovative and technologically advanced, capable of guaranteeing durability over time, high performance, ease of maintenance and low consumption.

All this can be accompanied by numbers and technical data due to the volume and complexity of manufacturing and commissioning of integrated lines. It would be very extensive and boring to detail that in this space.

But we are going to say some of the benefits that a client obtains.

Flexibility, Reliability, Sustainability, Efficiency, Solutions.

We will also value the talent of the entire human team that compose the different companies in the group, shaping each project with professionalism and commitment.

So betting on Tecnofryer is betting on a big group and that is equal to investing in quality, investing in the future.

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